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Shadowverse is a multiplayer, duel-based online TCG.
You can create your own original deck and use it to battle other players.
While taking turns during the battle, you must summon followers and use them to attack your opponent.
You can provide reinforcement for your followers by employing special amulets and ancient spells.
When the opponent’s HP reaches zero, you are the winner!


  • Lord Atomy
  • Enstatued Seraph
  • Lucifer
  • Demonic Storm
  • Flame Destroyer
  • Followers
    Your followers do most of the action in battle, directly attacking enemy leaders and followers. Some have other useful abilities in addition to attacking. Starting in the middle of the game, you can evolve a limited number of your followers. Evolve your followers at the right time to turn the match in your favor.
  • Spells
    Spell cards have an effect that activates just once.
    Unlike followers and amulets, spells don't take up a slot in your area. They become shadows immediately after they're used.
  • Amulets
    Amulet cards have effects that support you in battle. However, they can't attack or be attacked like follower cards.


Choose from seven classes, each with their own unique strategies and cards.
Uncover the deck-building potential of 500+ cards!

Available Now on STEAM