Erika and Eris Chapters to Be Added to Seeds of Conflict

As part of the September 18 (PT) update, new Seeds of Conflict chapters will be added to the main story.

Along with their companions Arisa and Rowen, Erika and Eris have found themselves in a lush, verdant world known as Naterra. Through their interactions with the inhabitants of the land, the pair come to discover their own unique missions to fulfill. Meanwhile, the opposing factions of Sköll and Mánagarmr charge toward their final clash, as the fated hour of Viridia Magna's awakening draws near.

"I will not be your hostage—not today, not tomorrow, nor the day after that! I will take up my blade to ensure that our world continues to prosper!"

Complete Gears of Rebellion: Uprising to unlock Seeds of Conflict.

Shadowverse Team