Temporary cards for the Rotation format

In order to give players the chance to experiment more with cards, from 1:00 a.m., February 28 - 11:00 p.m., March 15 (PT), temporary cards for all current Rotation format cards will be available.

We hope that all players, new and old, will take this chance to try out and compete with decks that you may have previously lacked the resources for!

The current Rotation format includes:
- Altersphere
- Steel Rebellion
- Rebirth of Glory
- Verdant Conflict
- Ultimate Colosseum

We are planning on undergoing maintenance after this event ends.

What are Temporary cards?
Temporary cards are special cards that are available in your collection for a set period of time. They'll show up in your collection like any other card but are noted with an orange number. These cards can be used to build decks and play matches just like any other card, but they cannot be liquefied or animated with seer's globes.

- 3 copies of each card from these expansions will be given to all players.
- All temporary cards will be in their non-animated version.
- The event period is subject to change.

Shadowverse Team