Important: Upcoming Changes (End of June) to Minimum Operating System Requirements for Android

To ensure we can continue to provide secure service, we will be updating the minimum operating system requirements.
After the v3.4.0 update, the game will no longer support Android devices running on an OS older than 5.0.
Therefore, you will no longer be able to play the Shadowverse app on devices with an OS older than 5.0.

Devices running on an Android OS older than 5.0 will no longer be supported. For details, please see below.
You will not be able to run Shadowverse on any devices running under Android 5.0. Please make sure to link your data to a supported device [b]before[/b] the v3.4.0 update. For more information on how to do this, please read below.

Minimum Required OS for Android (Google Play) Post-Release of v3.4.0

Android OS 4.4 or later

Android OS 5.0 or later

- Shadowverse is not guaranteed to run on all Android devices running on OS 5.0 or newer. The game may not work properly, depending on the performance and specifications of the device, the usage of the application specific to the device, etc.
- You can check the currently recommended devices on our website.
- You can check the currently recommended devices on our System Requirements page here.

If you have an unsupported device, please make sure to link your account data to a supported device before the v3.4.0 update.

1. Start the Shadowverse app on your original device. On the More screen, select Device Link.
2. Select Link.
3. Select Create Device Link Password.
4. Select Create Password.
5. Input a password of your choosing in the top field, and once again in the second field for confirmation. Then, after reading our Privacy Policy, check the Agree to Privacy Policy box and confirm Create Password. (Be sure to note your User ID and Data Link password before removing your application from your old device!)
6. Once you've created a password, install the Shadowverse app on your new device.
7. Start Shadowverse on your new device and Select Link Data on the title screen.
8. Select Link.
9. Select Device Link with User ID and Password.
10. Enter your original User ID and the Device Link password you created. You can confirm your User ID from the lower right corner of the title screen or from your Profile on your original device.
11. Select OK.
12. Using Device Link will overwrite the game data on your new device. Confirm the account data you will link to your device, as well as the account data you will overwrite, then select Link.
13. You've successfully linked your devices! Select OK to restart the game. You will now be able to play on your new device with your linked game data.

- Be especially careful not to input the wrong Device Link password as it can permanently overwrite your data.
- You can link your smartphone account to only one PC account. This action cannot be undone.
- Crystals purchased in the smartphone version cannot be used in the Steam version and vice versa, but will remain intact for whichever version you purchased them with, even after linking data between devices.
- The way Link Data operates is subject to change without notice.

Shadowverse Team