New Chapters! The Final Loop (Part 2)

Time loops mercilessly between two realms. At one end stands Rivayle, a dustbowl where justice is written by magic and enforced by bullet. At the other end is Vellsar, a wasteland of eternal night ruled by the Lord of Darkness. A great hand turns the hourglass, causing both civilizations to rise and fall in turn.

When the story resets, our heroes find themselves in Rivayle, in the midst of the Titans' war. In order to break themselves free from the eternal cycle, they must find and overcome a trial. Will they be able to write a new chapter in their story, or are they doomed to repeat their downfall for all eternity?

Look forward to the v3.5.20 update, where we will be releasing chapters 8 - 16 of the newest story, The Final Loop.

Shadowverse Team