(Update) Issue with Receiving the Gold Ship Leader Giveaway Gifts

We have confirmed an issue with receiving the Gold Ship leader giveaway gifts, which are sent to players who have cleared the tutorial by 7:59 a.m., May 18 (PT). If a player has not yet cleared the tutorial when the gifts are distributed, the player may have less than 14 days to pick up the gifts after they clear the tutorial.

The giveaway gifts will be distributed again in the next maintenance for players affected by the issue.

- After the maintenance ends, affected players will have 14 days to pick up the gifts.
- The gifts will be sent to your crate on the Home screen.

Affected Gifts:
- Gold Ship leader
- Gold Ship animated alternate-art card
- 1 seer's globe

The issue has been resolved as of 1:00 a.m., May 19 (PT). The aforementioned gifts have been sent to the crates of affected players.

Affected players will have to claim the gifts within the following period:
1:00 a.m., May 19 – 1:00 a.m., June 2 (PT)

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Shadowverse Team