Known Bugs

The following issues are in the game as of August 5:

Issue with Main Story Voices

Some voice lines in story chapters may not play as intended after a Story mode battle when players win the match using a leader of a different class than the one they had selected at the beginning of the chapter.

1. The player enters Chapter 11 of the "6. Gears of Rebellion: Uprising" story after selecting any of the four available classes.
2. The player loses or surrenders the match, and then selects "Battle Again."
3. The player selects and wins the match using a leader from a different class, and then proceeds to play through the second half of the story chapter.
4. Under these conditions, some voices in the latter half of the chapter may not play as intended.

The issue will not occur if you win the battle with the leader that you selected first, and voices will play normally.

Issue with Certain Solo Play Matches

Under certain circumstances, some solo play matches may become unable to progress. We have confirmed this issue in the following matches:

- Practice match against Yuwan: Elite 2 (Chronogenesis - Brigade)
- Story battle in Chapter 10 of "The Guild War" story when playing as Luna
- Story battle in Chapter 9 of "The Guild War" story when playing as Urias

Issue with Accessing the Prologue Story Chapters

After playing through a story chapter that displays the message “The following leaders can be selected for this chapter,” chapters in the “0. Prologue” story may become inaccessible.

1. The player completes Chapter 21 of “14. The Final Loop” story after selecting any of the three leaders.
2. The player then enters the “0. Prologue” story from the Story Selection screen.
3. Under these conditions, chapters in the “0. Prologue” story may not begin when selected.

This issue only affects chapters within the “0. Prologue” story. Chapters of other stories have been confirmed to remain accessible as intended.

Issue with Invocation Chances When Multiple Cards are Invocable

When the Invocation requirement has been met for multiple cards with different names at the same time, the chances for each Invocation effect to activate is currently incorrectly equal, regardless of the number of each card remaining in the deck.

Assume you already have four cards in play, and two Cosmic Angels and one Ultimate Bahamut in your deck.

At the end of your turn, when you have completed the requirement for Cosmic Angel and Ultimate Bahamut’s Invocation effect, the chances for either of the cards to be invoked is currently as follows:
- Cosmic Angel: 1/2 of the time
- Ultimate Bahamut: 1/2 of the time

Under the intended interaction, where the chances should be dependent on the number of remaining copies in your deck, the chances for either of the example cards to be invoked would be as follows:
- Cosmic Angel: 2/3 of the time
- Ultimate Bahamut: 1/3 of the time

Issue Where AI-Controlled Opponents Stop Making Actions

When playing in solo play matches, the AI-controlled opponent may sometimes stop making actions and become temporarily frozen in the “Thinking...” state for an extended period.

Open 6 Display Issue

Effects on the class selection screen may not display correctly on some devices. This is a display issue only and the actual feature itself is working as intended.

Issue with Being Unable to Move past the Redraw Screen

The game won't move past the card redraw screen if players have been using another app to make a call at the same time. We recommend that players avoid making calls while playing matches. This issue can be resolved by restarting Shadowverse and reentering the match within the allotted time.

Issues with Music and Cutscenes

There may be instances where the music has static, or cutscenes experience blips or get cut off. This is caused by heavy load on your device's memory and can be resolved by shutting down other apps to free up space.

Issues with the Winner Prediction Event

When you jump to an external webpage through the link within the event banner more than twice and then try to place your vote, you will get a message asking you to try again shortly.

Cards Played Freezing in Place

When you play a card immediately after attacking with a follower in play, and then open the Battle Menu while the card you played is at the upper left side of the screen, the card may freeze in place and become unplayable.

Assume you already have a Water Fairy in play.
1. Attack with Water Fairy.
2. Play a Fairy right after you've attacked with Water Fairy.
3. Open the Battle Menu while the Fairy is at the upper left of the screen.
4. The Fairy becomes frozen in place and is rendered unplayable.

Game Freezing

When you play a card that returns a follower to your hand right after you play another follower, and the second card moves to the upper left corner of the screen, the game freezes and you are unable to continue the match.

1. Play two or more Fairies.
2. While the played Fairy is moving to the upper-left corner of the screen, you play Ancient Elf.
3. The game freezes.

Affected Cards:
- Ancient Elf
- King Elephant
- Cinderella
- Homecoming
- Fairy Torrent

You can resolve the issue by closing and restarting the app within the time limit. This will be resolved in a future update.

Unable to Return to Suspended Matches

Under some conditions, you may not be able to return to suspended matches. This issue was partially resolved in the June 28, 2017 update, but there is a possibility that similar issues might occur.

We are currently investigating and working to fix the outstanding issues listed above. We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve them.

Issues Resolved as of July 26

- Issue with Price of Magic When Used by AI-Controlled Opponents

Shadowverse Team