Banned and Restricted Cards in Cross Craft

To achieve better game balance, bannings and restrictions may be placed on certain cards in the Cross Craft format. Certain bans and restrictions may only apply when you wish to add a card to your secondary class.

Restrictions and/or bans will be applied to the following cards after the update on December 20 (PT):

- Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess (banned)
- Golden Warrior (banned)
- Kagemitsu, Lost Samurai (1-card restriction)
- Sorcerer of Seven Forces (1-card restriction)
- Dragon Oracle (1-card restriction)
- Argente, Purest Silver (1-card restriction)
- Call of the Great Arm (1-card restriction)
- Spirit Invasion (1-card restriction)
- Briared Vampire (1-card restriction)
- Full Moon Leap (1-card restriction)
- Pazuzu, Noxious Gale (1-card restriction)
- Imperial Saint (1-card restriction)
- Craftsman's Pride (1-card restriction)
- Calamity's Genesis (1-card restriction)

Future Cross Craft Card Restrictions

The Shadowverse team will continue to pay close attention to match analytics in order to respond with additional restrictions when necessary to improve game experience. Please note that cards added to the Cross Craft restriction list for this purpose will not receive a vial bonus when being liquefied.

Shadowverse Team