Special Formats Available for Limited Time in Private Matches

The Take Two All-Stars, Gems of Fortune, Legacy Decks, and Take Two Tactics formats will be playable in Private Matches for a limited time. In the Legacy Decks format, players will be able to choose the newly added Puppet Portalcraft deck, in addition to decks previously available. Note that the Natura Havencraft deck has been removed from the list of available decks.

Event Period:

From 7:00 p.m., December 16 until 12:00 noon, January 5 (PT).

Take Two All-Stars Format

Players can select from 80 cards per class in addition to 12 Neutral cards, making for a total of 92 cards in each class. Cards will be available across all rarities and released card sets. The card list will be the same as the Winter Cup 2022.


Gems of Fortune Format

Gems of Fortune is a special format that differs from other Grand Prix formats. Both players compete with a format-exclusive prebuilt deck consisting of 30 cards. The only cards in the deck are two spell cards: Gleaming Gem and Radiant Crystal. While all eight classes start off with the same deck, the cards generated by Gleaming Gem and Radiant Crystal will be determined by the class you choose.

The following cards will be excluded as random cards that can be put into your hand:
- XII. Wolfraud, Hanged Man (Forestcraft)

Legacy Decks Format

Players can play matches with all-time fan-favorite meta decks with all of the cards in their original stats and abilities. Below are 36 selectable decks and details on legacy card stats and abilities.

PtP Forestcraft
Machina Forestcraft
Terrorformer Forestcraft
Loxis Forestcraft
Ladica Forestcraft
Aggro Swordcraft
Rally Swordcraft
Retreat Combo Swordcraft
D-Shift Runecraft
Daria Runecraft
Spell Runecraft
Ramp Dragoncraft
PDK Dragoncraft
Discard Dragoncraft
Storm Dragoncraft
Burn Dragoncraft
Midrange Shadowcraft
Burial Rite Shadowcraft
Gremory Shadow
Last Words Shadowcraft
Evolution Shadowcraft
Neutral Bloodcraft
Pain Bloodcraft
Vengeance Bloodcraft
Evolution Bloodcraft
Wrath Bloodcraft
Tenko Havencraft
Elana Havencraft
Ward Havencraft
Sanctuary Havencraft
Jatelant Havencraft
Puppet Portalcraft
Machina Portalcraft
Artifact Portalcraft
Resonance Portalcraft
Puppet Portalcraft

Take Two Tactics Format

Cards related to the selected deck archetype will be drawn from multiple classes regardless of rarity.
When creating a deck, the core cards of that deck archetype and the related cards will be displayed in a specific order.

Core Cards

Posted in the order of 1st, 8th, and 15th.

Card Pool A

Posted in the order of 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 11th, and 13th.

Card Pool B

Posted in the order of 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 14th.
※Card Pools are divided into "Card pool A" and "Card pool B."

The card list will be the same as the Tactician's Cup Vol. 3.


Shadowverse Team