December's Master Score Ranking Rewards

We are giving out the following handsome rewards to the top 10000 players who earn the highest Master scores between post-maintenance, November 30 and 7:00 a.m., December 28 (PT):

1st – 1000th Players:
1 seer's globe
20 upcoming card pack tickets
5000 vials

1001st – 10000th Players:
10 upcoming card pack tickets
2500 vials

- Rewards are scheduled to be given out in the first half of January.

- Master score can be earned in Master ranked matches and above.

- Seer's globes are items that you can use to turn normal cards into animated cards. To use a seer's globe, open an individual card's Details window.

- Upcoming card pack tickets can be used once the next card pack is released. At that time it will be possible to see how many tickets you have. Until then it's possible to check the Log tab of your crate to see a record of upcoming card pack tickets and other items you've claimed in the past week.

Shadowverse Team