Mysteria Friends Tie-In Event

We're kicking off a special Mysteria Friends tie-in event to celebrate the TV run of the Mysteria Friends anime.

Special Bonus

Play the game for 5 days between 12:00 p.m., February 19 and 8:00 a.m., March 27 (PT) to get the rewards below.

Day 1: Mysteria Friends emblem
Day 2: 1 Altersphere ticket
Day 3: 1 Altersphere ticket
Day 4: 1 Altersphere ticket
Day 5: Mysteria Friends card sleeves

- Players who have cleared the tutorial and accessed the Home screen during the above stated period are eligible to receive these rewards.
- Days reset at 12:00 p.m. (PT) (this will change to 1 p.m. once daylight savings begins).
- Play during the period stated above to receive these rewards in addition to the normal daily bonus.

Victory Rewards

When participating in Unlimited and Rotation format ranked matches during the following period, there's a chance that a treasure chest will appear at the start of the match:

6:00 p.m., February 19 - 2:00 a.m., March 2 (PT)

By winning a match you may receive one of the following:
- Rupies
- Card pack tickets
- Gold rarity or higher cards from the five most recent card sets
(cards that come with leaders will not appear)
- Anne emblem
- Grea emblem
- Anne & Grea card sleeves

- The appearance rate of treasure chests is fixed and you can claim up to 5 per day.
- Once you obtain special emblems or sleeves, they will no longer be available as victory rewards.
- Days reset at 12:00 p.m. (PT) (this will change to 1 p.m. once daylight savings begins).
- Only 1 out of 5 treasure chests available per day will be a golden treasure chest.
- If you lose a match in which a treasure chest appears, the same treasure chest will appear again at the start of the next match.
- If a treasure chest appears and is unclaimed before the day resets, up to 6 treasure chests may appear the next day. If the unclaimed chest is a gold chest, up to 2 gold chests may appear in that day.
February 21: You claimed 4 treasure chests and the 5th that appeared was a gold chest.
The day resets at 12:00 p.m. (PT) on February 22.
February 22: Up until the day resets again on February 23, you have a chance of claiming both:
a) The gold chest that appeared on February 21;
b) Up to 5 chests (including one gold chest) for February 22.
- Treasure chests are only available during the event period. If you're in the middle of a treasure chest match when the event ends, you will not be able to claim the treasure chest.
- This event is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for playing Shadowverse! May the cards guide you to victory!

For more information on Mysteria Friends check out the official site here! (In Japanese only)

You can also watch Mysteria Friends via Crunchyroll or HIDIVE.

(C) Mysteria Friends Production Committee

Shadowverse Team