1. Definition of Personal Information

    Cygames considers personal information to be information on living individuals as prescribed in laws concerning the protection of personal information (name, date of birth, and other information which enables the identification of specific individuals), as well as e-mail addresses used in connection with a specific individual, and other information

  2. Specification of the Purposes of Usage of Personal Information

    Cygames uses personal information for the purposes prescribed below:
    Delivery of content such as games, video, and music; and the provision of related services
    Service development; statistics, analysis, questionnaires and other marketing activities intended to improve services
    Responses to inquiries, consultation, and complaints; and the resolution of disputes

  3. Limitations on Usage of Personal Information

    Cygames shall not handle personal information in a way that exceeds the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of usage without the prior consent of the identified individual. In the event that Cygames acquires personal information due to a merger or other reason, Cygames will not use that information in a manner that exceeds the scope of the purpose of usage prior to the succession; provided however that this rule shall not apply in the following situations: