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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • About Lævateinn Dragon

      When evolving:

      Lævateinn Dragon will not evolve into Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form or Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form unless at least 4 allied Armed followers have left play that match. Transformation does not count as leaving play.


      It will also not evolve into Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form or Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form when evolving from card effects such as Archangel Reina’s.


      When destroyed:

      When a Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form or Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form is destroyed, it will show as Lævateinn Dragon under “Followers Destroyed.” Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form and Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form are treated as a Lævateinn Dragon, so when a Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form or Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form is destroyed by Urd’s effect, a Lævateinn Dragon will be summoned.


      When returning to hand:

      When a Lævateinn Dragon, Attack Form or Lævateinn Dragon, Defense Form in play is returned to hand, it will be returned as Lævateinn Dragon.

    • Ultimate Bahamut's Invocation effect isn't activating.

      If your opponent played a Glistering Angel on the previous turn, Ultimate Bahamut’s Invocation effect cannot activate.


      Glistering Angel’s Fanfare effect is as follows:
      “Fanfare: Until the end of your opponent’s turn, give the enemy leader the following effect – Invocation won’t activate for you.”

    • Some cards that I owned have disappeared after the update.

      With the v3.8.0 update, the Edge of Paradise Temporary Decks have been taken out. These Temporary Decks were made available after the v3.7.0 update on March 25. Please double-check to see if the cards that have disappeared from your collection were from these Temporary Decks.


      To see what cards were included in the Edge of Paradise Temporary Decks, please check the below announcement:

    • What does "different" mean in card effects?

      When an effect specifies “different cards,” this refers to cards that meet either of the following criteria:
      – They have different names.
      – They have the same name, but are of a different card type (i.e., follower, spell, or amulet).
      This means Accelerate and Crystallize token cards (spells and amulets respectively) are treated as “different” to their base follower card, despite having the same name.


      Example 1:
      1. Your opponent plays a Room Service Devil, followed by another Room Service Devil using its Accelerate effect.
      2. You play a Treacherous Reversal, putting them both into your deck.
      3. You then play a Stay in Paradise, which puts two “different” Festive cards from your deck into your hand.
      In this case, both the Room Service Devil follower and the Accelerate version of Room Service Devil may be put into your hand.


      Example 2:
      1. Your opponent destroys an allied Quickblader and Ta-G, Katana Unsheathed during their turn.
      2. On your next turn, you play Return from the Brink, which puts copies of two “different” Swordcraft followers into your hand.
      Assuming no other allied followers were destroyed during these two turns, either a Quickblader or a Ta-G, Katana Unsheathed will be put into your hand, but not both. This is because Ta-G, Katana Unsheathed is “treated as a Quickblader.”

    • I got a leader card from the Daily 10-Pack Giveaway that isn’t usually included in the card pack I opened.

      In the Daily 10-Pack Giveaway, you have the chance to get any of the leader cards listed in the “Available Leader Cards” section of the “6th Anniversary 10-Pack Giveaways” announcement as the last card in the tenth pack.

    • I can't complete the "Play 10 private matches (without quitting)" mission from the 6th anniversary Treasure Trove of Rupies Missions event.

      The limited-time missions for playing private matches will only count matches played against different unique players during the event. If your private matches are not being counted, please check if you have played against the same player during the event.


      For more details regarding the limited-time missions, please refer to the “6th Anniversary Treasure Trove of Rupies Missions” announcement.


    • My Impious Bishop got destroyed but another Impious Bishop did not get summoned.

      Fanfare effects only activate when you play a card from your hand using play points. Therefore, Impious Bishop’s Fanfare effect (“Gain Last Words: Summon an Impious Bishop”) will not activate if it is summoned by a Last Words effect.

    • The enemy leader had the "Invocation won't activate for you" effect but was still able to summon followers from their deck.

      Followers can be summoned from the deck by effects other than Invocation.

    • I can't log in on Steam and the error code displayed is 333.

      Error code 333 is displayed when the Steam account logging in couldn’t be verified.


      Please try the following steps:
      1. Make sure that you are online on Steam.
      2. Wait a moment before logging into Shadowverse again.


      If the steps above did not resolve your issue, please contact Steam’s customer support.

    • With Satanael's Fanfare effect, will Astaroth's Reckoning have a higher chance of being added to my hand than other cards?

      No, all Apocalypse and Cocytus Cards have the same chance of being picked.

    • How are the cards added to my hand with Satanael's Fanfare effect picked?

      Each Apocalypse or Cocytus Card has an equal chance of being picked. One Apocalypse or Cocytus Card will be picked at random, and then that card will be excluded from the selection pool. This process repeats until 6 different cards are picked.

    • Will Glittering Golds discarded due to having a full hand count as being "added to your hand"?

      Yes, they will count.

    • How does Remnant of Hollowness and Yukishima, Master Biographer's "deal a pool of X damage divided between all enemies" effect work?

      Damage equal to each enemy follower’s defense will be dealt in order from the oldest follower in play to the newest. Any remaining damage will be dealt to the enemy leader.

    • If I only have a Silvernail Blaster in my hand and I play it, will the "destroy a random enemy follower" part of its Fanfare effect activate?

      Yes, the effect will activate.

    • I played a Chaotic Doom using its Accelerate effect but it didn't add to the number of followers that had Ward when destroyed.

      When a follower first comes into play, any Last Words effects it has are active, but effects such as Ward are not. As a result, the Chaotic Doom that is summoned by playing Chaotic Doom with its Accelerate effect does not have Ward at the moment it is destroyed, and will not count as a follower that had Ward when destroyed.

    • About Cross Craft

      Q: Can I use my Cross Craft deck in Story mode?

      A: No, you cannot use your Cross Craft deck in Story mode.


      Q: I ranked up but I didn’t get an achievement.

      A: Ranked matches for Cross Craft do not count towards existing achievements.


      Q: Do I get experience points for both the main class and secondary class?

      A: Only the main class will earn experience points and count towards missions.


      Q: I can’t put certain cards in my Cross Craft deck.

      A: In the Unlimited and Cross Craft formats, certain cards are banned or restricted to one per deck.

      Please check out our website for more details.


      Q: Where can I check my rank?

      A: Tap the in-game banner on the Home screen to check your rank on the Cross Craft page.


      Q: For how long will be the Cross Craft page be available?

      A: The Cross Craft page will be available until 8:00 a.m., April 7 (PT).


      Q: My Cross Craft deck does not get displayed on my Home screen.

      A: Cross Craft decks will not appear on the Home screen.


      Q: Which rank icon will be displayed when I play matches in the Cross Craft format?

      A: Your Cross Craft rank icon will be displayed.


      Q: Can we check our Cross Craft decks after the event period?

      A: You will not be able to access your Cross Craft decks after the event.

    • About Gauntlet

      Q: Do my attempts carry over to the next Gauntlet?

      A: No, your allowed attempts are per entry and do not carry over to another Gauntlet.


      Q: Can I change my deck after starting the Gauntlet?

      A: No, you cannot change your deck after starting the Gauntlet. Once you have started the Gauntlet, even if you edit or delete your deck afterwards, the deck you started with will stay the same.


      Q: If my Gauntlet win count is different on my first and second attempts, from which will I get rewards?

      A: You will receive rewards from your attempt with the highest victory count.


      Q: I didn’t get any rewards from my first Gauntlet attempt.

      A: You are rewarded based on your best attempt out of all attempts within a single entry. You will not receive rewards for each attempt.

    • Even after Raio, Truthful Elimination's effect changed their costs to 1, the cards drawn by Imagination Realized's effect reverted to their original costs at the end of the turn.

      Effects that specify or change a card’s cost are overwritten (i.e., replaced) by any subsequent effects that change its cost.


      Therefore, when Imagination Realized’s cost-altering effect expires at the end of the turn, the costs of the cards drawn will revert to their original values.

    • I can't play Annihilating Onslaught using its Enhance.

      Annihilating Onslaught can’t be played if there are no enemy followers in play to select for the “Give -6/-0 to an enemy follower” effect.

    • I can't buy crystals on the Steam version of the game.

      On the Steam version of the game, if you get stuck on a loading screen or a 319 error is displayed when attempting to purchase crystals, it may be due to either of the following reasons:

      – The Steam overlay is not properly set up in your Steam client.

      – Your PC is running another program that conflicts with the overlay.


      For more information about the Steam overlay, please check the following Steam support page:


    • Can the effects listed as part of Wielder of the Cosmos's second Fanfare effect activate more than once?

      Each effect will only activate once.

    • About the probability behind Wielder of the Cosmos's cost change

      When Wielder of the Cosmos’s in-hand effect changes its cost to “a random number between 2 and 10,” each number from 2 to 10 has a 1 in 9 chance of being chosen.

    • About the activation rates of the effects listed in Chaotic Doom's Last Words

      Each of the effects listed as part of Chaotic Doom’s Last Words effect (“recover 1 evolution point,” “draw 2 cards,” “deal 3 damage to the enemy leader,” “restore 4 defense to your leader,” and “deal 5 damage to a random enemy follower”) has a 1 in 5 chance of being chosen.

    • Does "followers that cost at least 5 play points destroyed this match" count followers that originally cost at least 5 play points?

      Followers that originally cost at least 5 play points will be counted.



      If an Absolute Tolerance has been destroyed, since it originally costs 30 play points, it will count towards “followers that cost at least 5 play points destroyed this match.”

    • About Stack

      When played, Earth Sigil amulets with Stack will banish all other allied Earth Sigil amulets in play, adding the total Stack count of those amulets to their own Stack.


      When you perform “Earth Rite,” 1 will be subtracted from your area’s total Stack. When you perform “Earth Rite (2),” 2 will be subtracted instead. Once a card’s Stack reaches 0, the card is destroyed.


      Earth Sigils without the Stack keyword will be treated as having a Stack of 1, but are unaffected by effects that add to your Stack.

  • Known Bugs

    • Bug List


      When you have played Whirlwind Rhinoceroach for the fifth time during the match and return the Whirlwind Rhinoceroach in play back into your hand, the card’s frame won’t glow in yellow.

      Please note that the card’s effect itself is working properly; only the display issue is present.



      When you play Gift for Bloodkin, it shows on the battle log that both Forest Bats have been summoned for the leader that played the card.

      Please note that the card’s effect itself is working properly; only the display issue is present.



      When a leader without any active effect gains an effect while you have the leader selected, the active effect may not be properly reflected on the leader effects display.



      Effects on the class selection screen may not display correctly on some devices. This is a display issue only and the actual feature itself is working as intended.



      The game won’t move past the card redraw screen if players have been using another app to make a call at the same time. We recommend that players avoid making calls while playing matches. This issue can be resolved by restarting Shadowverse and reentering the match within the allotted time.



      There may be instances where the music has static, or cutscenes experience blips or get cut off. This is caused by heavy load on your device’s memory and can be resolved by shutting down other apps to free up space.



      When you jump to an external webpage through the link within the event banner more than twice and then try to place your vote, you will get a message asking you to try again shortly.


      This issue can be resolved by closing the message and voting again.


      You can see if your vote was counted successfully by tapping on the banner again after voting—you will see an image of the player you voted for.



      When you play a card immediately after attacking with a follower in play, and then open the Battle Menu while the card you played is at the upper left side of the screen, the card may freeze in place and become unplayable.



      Assume you already have a Water Fairy in play.

      1. Attack with Water Fairy.
      2. Play a Fairy right after you’ve attacked with Water Fairy.
      3. Open the Battle Menu while the Fairy is at the upper left of the screen.
      4. The Fairy becomes frozen in place and is rendered unplayable.



      When you play a card that returns a follower to your hand right after you play another follower, and the second card moves to the upper left corner of the screen, the game freezes and you are unable to continue the match.



      1. Play two or more Fairies.
      2. While the played Fairy is moving to the upper-left corner of the screen, you play Ancient Elf.
      3. The game freezes.


      Affected Cards:

      – Ancient Elf

      – King Elephant

      – Cinderella

      – Homecoming

      – Fairy Torrent


      You can resolve the issue by closing and restarting the app within the time limit. This will be resolved in a future update.



      Under some conditions, you may not be able to return to suspended matches. This issue was partially resolved in the June 28, 2017 update, but there is a possibility that similar issues might occur.


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