Important: Backing up Game Data

Damage or loss of a device can occur at any time. Please back up your game data.

- How do I back up my game data?
You can back up your game data from within the Shadowverse app using a Device Link password to connect game data between multiple devices, or Account Link to link your account with an external gaming or SNS service. The PC version of Shadowverse doesn't support Account Link, so please create a username and password via Device Link. Backing up game data to your smartphone or tablet is not supported.

- Record your user ID
Even after setting a Device Link password, your user ID will be necessary to recover your game data, so please record it somewhere. You can check your user ID via the title or profile screens.

- Set a Device Link password
If you have previously set a Device Link password, it's possible to recover your game data via the Data Link feature. Your password can be changed an infinite number of times and it has no expiration date. Please be aware that passwords are not sent to users' e-mail addresses. Click here for more details on how to set a Device Link password.

- Link your account
If you have previously linked your account to an external SNS or gaming service, it's possible to recover your game via Account Link. Note that Account Link is supported only on the smartphone versions of Shadowverse. Link your account by tapping More, Account Link, and then choose a service. Recover your data by tapping Link Data (from the title screen), then Link, and then select your previously chosen service.

- PC game data is linked to your Steam account
For the PC version of Shadowverse, your game data is linked to your Steam account. If you wish to use the same game data to a different PC, please install Shadowverse using the same Steam account.

- Multiple backups are not permitted
Saving multiple backups is not permitted. Please also keep in mind that excessively overwriting and deleting game data may result in the accidental loss of data, for which the Shadowverse Team will not be held responsible.

Thanks for playing!

Shadowverse Team