You can use Device Link to connect your Shadowverse game data between multiple devices, such as smartphone and computer.
To link a device, you need to create a password using your original device and enter the password into the new device.
This guide will show you how to create a password and link your data.

* Make sure to use your most recent save data when creating your password.

Creating a Password (Using Your Original Device)

Entering Your Password (Using Your New Device)

You will enter your password from the Link Data button on the title screen.


  • Be careful not to input the wrong password as it can permanently overwrite your data.
  • You can link your smartphone account to only one computer account. In addition, you cannot disable this link later.
  • Existing Crystals will not be deleted by linking data, however will not be transferred between the smartphone and computer versions of Shadowverse.
  • Because your computer account is linked with your Shadowverse user ID, you cannot play from a different computer account. If you wish to do this, uninstall and then reinstall the game using the desired account.
  • The device link specifications are subject to change without notice.