Arisa Class:Forestcraft

Forestcraft strategies use bands of fairies in battle.

In the beginning of a match, play cards that fill your hand with Fairies (1-play point 1/1 follower cards). In the middle of a match, play two Fairies to meet the requirements of more powerful cards. This lets you turn the momentum of a match in your favor.

  • Fairy Whisperer
  • Magna Botanist
  • Rose Queen

Erika Class:Swordcraft

Many loyal followers, including commanders and officers, stand at the ready of a Swordcraft leader. This class's strategy is based around these followers. There are cards that can summon multiple officers at once, and commanders that strengthen those officers.

  • Quickblader
  • Royal Banner
  • Sea Queen Otohime

Isabelle Class:Runecraft

Runecraft uses the power of spells against opponents. Their Spellboost cards in particular become cheaper and stronger in numbers.

During the beginning of a match, use spells to damage enemy followers and bring your own followers into play. Keep spellboosting cards until they become strong enough to destroy enemy followers.

  • Wind Blast
  • Conjure Golem
  • Mythril Golem

Rowen Class:Dragoncraft

Dragoncraft uses lots of play points to unleash towering followers that can crush their enemies.

Stall the opponent in the beginning of the match while collecting play points. From the middle of the match onward, use the accumulated play points to play powerful dragons and dominate the battlefield.

  • Aiela, Dragon Knight
  • Grim reaper
  • Fafnir

Luna Class:Shadowcraft

The Shadowcraft class harnesses shadows to utilize the power of Necromancy.

At the beginning of a match, play followers, spells, and amulets that give you more shadows. When many Shadowcraft followers are destroyed, they put zombies and skeletons into play.

In the middle of the match, use the shadows you've saved up to activate Necromancy effects.

  • Deadly Widow
  • Spartoi Sergeant
  • Cerberus

Urias Class:Bloodcraft

The strategies used in Bloodcraft center around lowering your leader's defense in order to activate powerful effects. This is balanced out by the ability to restore defense by draining it from your enemies.

When a Bloodcraft leader has 10 defense or less, Vengeance takes effect, strengthening many other cards.

  • Crazed Executioner
  • Alucard
  • Queen Vampire

Eris Class:Havencraft

The main strategy of Havencraft is to play Countdown amulets which summon followers a few turns after they're played. This gives you the power to overwhelm the opponent by the middle of a match.

In the beginning of the match, play amulets and followers that grow stronger during the opponent's turn. In the middle of the match, the amulets' Countdown numbers drop to zero, summoning formidable followers and effects at no additional costs.

  • Featherwyrm's Descent
  • Cleric lancer
  • Skullfane

Yuwan Class:Portalcraft

Portalcraft shifts reality with potent strategies.
One such strategy is based on utilizing cards with the Artifact trait (token cards produced from other cards during a battle).

Skillfully manipulate the match by combining cards that add Artifacts to your deck and cards that draw them into your hand.

  • Magisteel Lion
  • Mechanized Servant
  • Spinaria, Keeper of Enigmas