Arisa Class:Forestcraft

Forestcraft strategies use bands of fairies in battle.

In the beginning of a match, play cards that fill your hand with Fairies (1-play point 1/1 follower cards). In the middle of a match, play two Fairies to meet the requirements of more powerful cards. This lets you turn the momentum of a match in your favor.

  • Fairy Whisperer
  • Magna Botanist
  • Rose Queen

Erika Class:Swordcraft

Many loyal followers, including commanders and officers, stand at the ready of a Swordcraft leader. This class's strategy is based around these followers. There are cards that can summon multiple officers at once, and commanders that strengthen those officers.

  • Quickblader
  • Royal Banner
  • Sea Queen Otohime

Isabelle Class:Runecraft

Runecraft uses the power of spells against opponents. Their Spellboost cards in particular become cheaper and stronger in numbers.

During the beginning of a match, use spells to damage enemy followers and bring your own followers into play. Keep spellboosting cards until they become strong enough to destroy enemy followers.

  • Wind Blast
  • Conjure Golem
  • Mythril Golem

Rowen Class:Dragoncraft

Dragoncraft uses lots of play points to unleash towering followers that can crush their enemies.

Stall the opponent in the beginning of the match while collecting play points. From the middle of the match onward, use the accumulated play points to play powerful dragons and dominate the battlefield.

  • Aiela, Dragon Knight
  • Grim reaper
  • Fafnir

Luna Class:Shadowcraft

The Shadowcraft class harnesses shadows to utilize the power of Necromancy.

At the beginning of a match, play followers, spells, and amulets that give you more shadows. When many Shadowcraft followers are destroyed, they put zombies and skeletons into play.

In the middle of the match, use the shadows you've saved up to activate Necromancy effects.

  • Deadly Widow
  • Spartoi Sergeant
  • Cerberus

Urias Class:Bloodcraft

The strategies used in Bloodcraft center around lowering your leader's defense in order to activate powerful effects. This is balanced out by the ability to restore defense by draining it from your enemies.

When a Bloodcraft leader has 10 defense or less, Vengeance takes effect, strengthening many other cards.

  • Crazed Executioner
  • Alucard
  • Queen Vampire

Eris Class:Havencraft

The main strategy of Havencraft is to play Countdown amulets which summon followers a few turns after they're played. This gives you the power to overwhelm the opponent by the middle of a match.

In the beginning of the match, play amulets and followers that grow stronger during the opponent's turn. In the middle of the match, the amulets' Countdown numbers drop to zero, summoning formidable followers and effects at no additional costs.

  • Featherwyrm's Descent
  • Cleric lancer
  • Skullfane
Fairy Whisperer

This and many other Forestcraft cards add Fairies to your hand. The more the merrier!

Magna Botanist

This card is especially powerful when you play two or more cards before it.

Rose Queen

This card transforms all Fairy cards in your hand into powerful damage-dealing spells. It works best when your hand is full of Fairies.


Starting early in the match, Erika fills her area with officer followers like this. This follower has the Storm ability, so it can attack on the same turn it's played.

Royal Banner

This amulet strengthens your officers for as long as it remains in play.

Sea Queen Otohime

Erika is able to put lots of followers into play at once. She often wins through weight of numbers.

Wind Blast

This spell can only defeat weaker enemies in the beginning, but don't overlook it. With the power of spellboost, it can grow to take down mighty foes for just two play points.

Conjure Golem

This card can spellboost other cards in your hand and summon a 2/2 follower. This is just one of the many Spellboost cards that Isabelle has at her command.

Mythril Golem

This card is particularly powerful at the end of the match. Spellboosted enough, it can destroy every follower in an opponent's area at once.

Aiela, Dragon Knight

This card gives you one empty play point orb, and enables you to play dragons that much sooner.

Grim reaper

Overflow effects take place when you have seven play point orbs or more.
This follower has excellent value for the cost, regardless of whether Rowen casts it at the beginning, middle, or end of the match.


Dragoncraft followers grow more powerful as you accumulate more play points. Harness the might of dragons and blast your opponents.

Deadly Widow

This follower has a Necromancy ability that activates if you have 6 shadows or more. Its stats will then be 4/4 instead of 2/2.

Spartoi Sergeant

Necromancy abilities require lots of shadows to activate. Cards like this directly increase the number of shadows you have.


When this card is played, two special cards are added to your hand. One damages an enemy and the other strengthens an allied follower.

Crazed Executioner

This is a typical Bloodcraft card, which damages your leader. Cards like this help give you control over when Vengeance activates.


Vengeance activates useful abilities. In a pinch, Alucard's Fanfare ability can restore 4 defense to your leader.

Queen Vampire

Even the small followers this follower summons have a role to play. Their Ward abilities prevent Urias from taking too much damage too quickly.

Featherwyrm's Descent

This amulet summons a 6/6 follower three turns after it's played. Although it takes longer to appear, it packs a strong punch for the cost.

Cleric lancer

This card gets stronger during your opponent's turn, enhancing your defense until your amulets' countdowns reach zero.


Sometimes you can't wait for Countdown numbers to reach zero. Luckily, some cards instantly activate an amulet's countdown effect.