Shadowverse from July Onwards

Check out the following information about Shadowverse from July onwards.

Future Card Sets

No new card sets will be added after the release of Heroes of Shadowverse's additional cards.

Throwback Rotation

The current Rotation format will be replaced with Throwback Rotation. In this format, players will battle it out using cards from a previous set of Rotation card sets. To keep things fresh, the usable card sets will cycle every month!

- In addition to basic cards, players can only use cards from the specified Rotation card pool.
- With some exceptions, the abilities of the cards will be as they were before they were originally rotated out.

- The Unlimited format will continue to be available.
- Card abilities will also change within the Unlimited format to match the current card pool in Throwback Rotation.

Example: If the current card pool for Throwback Rotation is card sets 23–27 (Vellsar–Paradise), the available cards will be as they were just prior to the release of the 28th card set, Academy of Ages.

Event Update Schedule
- The usable cards for Throwback Rotation will be updated on the 1st day of each month.

Updated Features
- Ranked Matches, Unranked Matches, Private Matches, Player Tournaments

Shop Updates

Throwback Rotation Card Packs
- Throwback Rotation card packs will be added to the Shop. These packs can only be purchased using Throwback Rotation card pack tickets.
- All cards included in the cards sets for the current Throwback Rotation will be available, including leader cards and alternate-art cards.

Furthermore, from July onward, all card pack tickets distributed in-game, including Master Score rewards, will be Throwback Rotation card pack tickets. These card pack tickets will not disappear at the end of each month and can be used at any time.

Higher Rates for Leader Cards from Specified Card Sets
- The leader cards from card sets belonging to a current Throwback Rotation card set will appear at a higher rate.
- The card packs for each of the specified card sets (e.g. Academy of Ages) will continue to be available for purchase using rupies and crystals.
- Card pack points will continue to be accumulated with each pack purchased.

Custom Rotation Permanently Available

Custom Rotation, which has to date only been available as a limited-time format, will be permanently available.

- Players can create decks using card sets 1–6 (Standard–Starforged), or any five consecutive card sets through to the 32nd set (Heroes of Shadowverse). Resurgent Cards can also be used.
- Bonus effects will be adjusted depending on the selected card sets.

Features that will be Permanently Available
- Unranked Matches, Private Matches, and Player Tournaments
- Limited-time Custom Rotation events will continue to be held with special formats like Cross Craft.

Challenge Mode Renewed

A Challenge mode event will be held each month using the format and card pool from one of the previously used Take Two, Take Two All-Stars, or Take Two Tactics events. Open 6 matches will no longer be held.

Event Update Schedule
- The format and card pool will be refreshed on the 1st day of each month.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will continue to be refreshed every three months. Leaders will also be available through the Premium Pass.

Events from the v4.6.0 Update Onwards

- Each month will be split into three periods, during which events such as Grand Prix and Victory Rewards will be held.
- Card sleeves and other rewards will all have different illustrations from those released in the past.
- Grand Prix events will be held not only in Throwback Rotation but also in other formats, such as Take Two, Take Two All Stars, Take Two Tactics, and Cross Craft.
- Up to five Throwback Rotation card pack tickets will be available each month through these events.

Further details about events, Rankings, and Master Score will be announced in June.

Shadowverse Team