Linking Data to Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond

Today, we would like to share information about bonuses players can earn by linking game data from Shadowverse to Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond.

We plan to offer three types of rewards based on the following:
- Gameplay achievements
- Items collected
- Linking data

Gameplay Achievement Bonuses

Players will earn Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond bonuses based on rank, event wins, and other gameplay milestones achieved while playing Shadowverse. The bonuses are as follows:

For achieving certain rank milestones:
- Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond card pack tickets

For achieving Master rank:
- a Shadowverse Rex flair

For achieving Grand Master rank:
- Grand Master sleeves for each season

For achieving Challenge Master:
- a Challenge Master flair for each season

For placing top 3 in Master Score rankings:
- a corresponding flair for each season

For achieving top ranks in certain tournaments:
- a tournament flair for each tournament

For reaching level 100 in a Shadowverse class:
- card styles for certain followers from the corresponding class in Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond

- Different sleeves will be awarded for each season Grand Master rank was achieved.
- Different flairs will be awarded for each season the Challenge Master title was achieved.
- Master Score flairs will be awarded to players who placed 1st to 3rd in the seasonal rankings. However, information about which season the placements were achieved will not be displayed.
- Tournament flairs will be awarded mainly for tournaments with cash prizes. Details on applicable tournaments will be released at a later date.
- Card styles are a brand-new Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond item that will allow players to change the art of cards.

Collection Bonuses

Players can earn Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond bonuses based on the leaders or home screen backgrounds in their inventories. The bonuses are as follows:

For each home-screen background owned:
- a corresponding home-screen background

For each leader owned (excluding tie-in leaders):
- a corresponding emblem
- a corresponding poster

- The bonus for home screen backgrounds applies to all backgrounds added to Shadowverse from the update on June 17, 2024, onwards. The 7th anniversary wallpapers featuring the eight main characters will also be carried over.
- The emblems will feature art associated with the leader, with new frames designed for Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond.
- Posters are a new item that can be used in the World section of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond.

Players can decorate their personal rooms in the lobby with art of their favorite characters.

Data Link Bonuses

Link your Shadowverse game data with Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond to get the extra bonuses below!

- Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond card pack tickets
- Shadowverse default sleeves
- Unlock Shadowverse battle records

- The above bonuses will be awarded in Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond when Shadowverse game data is linked.
- The battle records feature will allow players to check their Shadowverse achievement data, such as ranked match wins by class and Master Score rankings.

Please also note that the above content is currently under development and subject to change.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Shadowverse and look forward to seeing you in the worlds beyond!

Shadowverse Team