Follow Us on Twitter and Get Free Tickets

We will be giving away free Darkness Evolved card pack tickets based on the total number of Twitter followers on our official accounts, @shadowversegame and @shadowverse_jp, at 8 p.m., Nov 6 (PT).

– Total followers and free tickets given
300K followers: 1 ticket
400K followers: 2 tickets
500K followers: 3 tickets
600K followers: 4 tickets
700K followers: 5 tickets
800K followers: 6 tickets
900K followers: 7 tickets
1.0M followers: 8 tickets
1.1M followers: 9 tickets
1.2M followers: 10 tickets
1.3M followers: 11 tickets
1.4M followers: 12 tickets
1.5M followers: 13 tickets

Tickets will be sent to the crate of players who have cleared the tutorial and played before 8 a.m., Nov 30 (PT). This schedule is subject to change.

Thanks for your continued support and be sure to spread the word!

Shadowverse Team