(Update 3) Major Update (Aug 14)

(Update 3)

This version also includes:

– The number of cards redrawn by the opponent will be displayed after you select which cards to redraw.

(Update 2)

A new version (1.2.2) was released at around 5:30 p.m., Aug 14 (PT).

Additional features and fixes:
– Pre-registration rewards were distributed. (4 Standard card pack tickets)
– As a token of our thanks for your continued support, we’ve also sent 3 Take Two tickets to everyone who completes the tutorial before 8:00 a.m., Sept 29 (PT).
– The English version of Shadowverse will be available in 143 regions on the App store and 125 regions on Google Play.
– Players can now resume solo battles if the match is interrupted. (Excludes unranked, ranked, and Take Two matches)
– The Bloodcraft achievement for reaching level 20 incorrectly listed the reward as 3 animated copies of Goliath. The correct reward is 3 animated copies of Well of Destiny. If you have previously received 3 animated copies of Goliath, they have been removed and you can claim your 3 animated copies of Well of Destiny from your crate.
– A bug where a single follower could be evolved twice has been fixed.
– Players’ scores will now be updated correctly after each match.
– Win streak bonus is now working correctly.
– Experience gained will now be correctly displayed after each match.
– Sammy, Wizard’s Apprentice will no longer freeze the app when your opponent has 0 cards remaining.
– A bug causing cards to be liquefied more than once has been fixed.

Mission updates:
– A new mission has been added, Play Take Two (One-time Mission).
– The following 4 missions now require 4 wins instead of 5. If you have already won 4 matches in one of these missions, you must win one more time in order to complete the mission.
Win 4 matches as Forestcraft or Havencraft (Ranked, Unranked, or Take Two)
Win 4 matches as Swordcraft or Runecraft (Ranked, Unranked, or Take Two)
Win 4 matches as Dragoncraft or Shadowcraft (Ranked, Unranked, or Take Two)
Win 4 matches as Runecraft or Bloodcraft (Ranked, Unranked, or Take Two)


We originally planned to implement the Elite difficulty for Havencraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft leaders but instead decided on Swordcraft, Dragoncraft, and Shadowcraft leaders.

A major update is planned for August 14th. This update includes the following new features and rule changes.

– More regions
Shadowverse will be available in more regions.

– Chapters 7 and 8
Chapters 7 and 8 will be added for each leader.

– Take Two
In Take Two, players create decks on the spot and then compete in five matches to win rewards. Crystals, rupies, or a Take Two ticket are needed in order to participate in Take Two.

– Score-based mission rewards
Players will get rewards based on the score during each season.

– Card sleeves
Card sleeves with various designs can be obtained through rewards or by purchasing them at the shop. If you change your card sleeve, the new design will be displayed on the back of your cards in battle.

– Leaders
A new leader for each class will be added to the shop.

– Master rank
A new rank, Master, will be added. Once you have the Master rank, your rank will be determined based on your total Master score won during a specific time period. Your Master score will be reset to zero at the end of each season.

– Elite difficulty
A new difficulty, Elite, will be added to Practice matches against Runecraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft leaders. Defeat these leaders to unlock new achievements. The Elite difficulty will be added for other classes at a later date.

– Cards drawn on the first turn
The player who goes second will draw two cards on the first turn.

– Cost change to Harvest Festival
The cost of the Forestcraft card Harvest Festival will be changed from 2 to 4. As a compensation for this change, vials obtained through liquefying Harvest Festival will be increased from 50 to 200 for a normal card and 120 to 200 for an animated one for about a month after the update.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your continued support!

Shadowverse Team