Known Bugs

The following issues have been fixed as of Jan 4, 2017 (PT):

– Playing the following cards causes the match to be cancelled:

Manifestation of Faith
Chorus of Prayer

The above cads can now be used in:

Edit Deck
Ranked Matches
Unranked Matches
Take Two
Private Matches
Main Story
Practice Matches

– Despite being disabled in the Dec 28 update, damage estimates may be displayed during battle under certain circumstances. There is a high possibility that the estimates displayed are incorrect.

The following issues have been fixed as of Dec 28, 2016 (PT):

– Performing certain actions will cause card sleeve and received item history screen display errors.

– Tapping Skip during card pack purchase causes the game to crash under certain conditions.

– You won’t receive achievements for winning elite practice matches for all leaders in the event your battle is interrupted and you continue the match.

– When selecting a difficulty level in Practice mode the following message is displayed: “One or more difficulties is under maintenance.”

– When you select an enemy Bloody Mary with an allied Urd’s Fanfare ability, any damage dealt to the enemy leader that turn will be dealt to your leader instead.

– If Neptune is evolved when there is at least one evolved Megalorca in play, certain cards’ abilities will activate one more time for each evolved Megalorca.

The affected cards are:
Elf Bard
Fearless Banneret
Crystal Bombarder
Mini Soul Devil

The following issues are in the current version:

– There are some cases where cards don’t evolve after the Evolve button is tapped. This issue can be resolved by tapping another card after you have selected Evolve.

– If you own the normal, animated and special Legendary versions of a single card, the normal version of the card is prioritized when creating a deck using deck codes generated via Shadowverse Portal, regardless of actual choice.

We are currently investigating and working to fix these issues. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Shadowverse Team