Update on Apr 26

This update on Apr 26 includes the following:

– Fixes related to returning to suspended matches
You can now return to suspended ranked, unranked, Take Two and private single matches up to twice per match. You may not be able to resume a match after a certain period of time. Issues related to returning to other types of private matches (Best of 3, Best of 5, Take Two: Create your own deck, and Take Two: Create opponent’s deck) are planned to be fixed in upcoming updates.

– Changes to card text
These changes are made to clarify the card ability descriptions, not to change the card ability mechanics.

The affected cards are:
Wordwielder Ginger
Durandal the Incorruptible
Blood Moon
Tristan of the Round Table
Galretto, Devil of Love

– Deck list expansion
You can now save up to 36 decks.

Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance.

Shadowverse Team