Major Update (Sep 29)

An update is coming on September 29.

This update will include:

1. Feature additions and adjustments
2. A rule change
3. A game mechanic change

1. Feature Additions and Adjustments
– Darkness Evolved, our first card expansion
The 109 new cards from Darkness Evolved will be added to the game.

– Spectator mode
You’ll be able to watch private matches by entering the corresponding room ID.

– Invite friends to rooms
You’ll be able to invite friends to created rooms. Invited friends will receive device notifications.

– Star your favorite cards
You’ll be able to star your favorite cards on the Cards screen. Starred cards can’t accidentally be liquefied for vials.

– View opponent IDs
The ID of your opponent will be displayed when you tap Battle menu in a match.

– Tutorial rewards
Users who clear the tutorial for the first time will now receive 10 Standard card pack tickets, 3 Take Two tickets, 100 rupies, and 400 vials.

– Cards available in Take Two matches
Due to the addition of Darkness Evolved, the cards available when building a Take Two deck will be changed as follows:
– All the Darkness Evolved cards will be available.
– Certain standard and basic cards will no longer be available.
– The chances of cards being displayed will be adjusted.

– No more free tickets for new players
The free tickets (12 Standard card pack tickets and 3 Take Two tickets in total) for new players will no longer be given away after 4:00 p.m., Sep 30 (PT).

– Harvest Festival vials
The number of vials obtained for liquefying Harvest Festival will return to 120 for an animated copy and 50 for a normal one.

2. Rule Change
– Card cost adjustment
The cost of Homecoming will be increased from 5 to 7. For details, see Card Cost Adjustment in the September Update.

3. Game Mechanic Change
– Change to the mechanics related to a certain card combination
Currently, if there are five cards in your opponent’s area and a Holy Mage in play in your area, and you play a Holy Sentinel, the Holy Mage does not gain +1/+1 due to the Holy Sentinel’s countdown immediately being reduced to zero.

Because this seems counterintuitive, after the update, Holy Mage will gain +1/+1 in this situation.

The above plans may change without notice.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to make Shadowverse an even better game experience.

Shadowverse Team