PC Version Update

We plan to update the PC version of Shadowverse on Jan 29 (PT).

Here’s what will be improved:

1. Device Link
Check out the link below for more information on device linking.

You cannot install Shadowverse to multiple gaming platforms on the same PC. If you have installed Shadowverse on multiple platforms, please uninstall one to play.

Once you link data, you cannot unlink it later.

Existing Crystals will not be deleted by linking data however they will not be transferred between the smartphone and PC versions of Shadowverse.

Because your Steam account is linked with your Shadowverse user ID, you cannot play from a different Steam account.

The data link specifications are subject to change without notice.

2. Custom Mouse Controls During Battle

Custom mouse controls have been categorized for ease of use.

Play Cards
Use cards from your hand (Play in your area)

Evolve Followers
Evolve followers played in battle.

Display Card Information
Select a card and display its details.

Three mouse functions have been added along with the above shortcuts.
Middle Click
Hold Down Left Button (only for displaying card details)
Scroll Over (only for displaying card details)

Adjust your control settings by going to More, Settings, and Use Custom Mouse Controls In Matches. Please be aware that you cannot assign the same mouse button for Display Card Information to any other function.

3. Adjust Card Details Window Size
You can adjust the size of the card details window in battle by 10% increments between 50% and 100%.