Update on March 29


The following content was also added during the Mar 29 maintenance.

– Seer’s Globes feature added
You will be able to use Seer’s Globes to turn normal cards into animated cards. Although Globes cannot be obtained in-game, they will become available in the future.

– Changes to Card Voices
Some card voices have been changed.


The update on March 29 includes the following:

– New card pack Tempest of the Gods added
This pack will include 104 new cards.

– Multiple cards can be liquefied at the same time
To do this, go to the Cards screen and then tap Liquefy Cards followed by Extras or Selected Cards.

– New private match options: best of three, best of five, and a new Take Two mode where you and your opponent can select each other’s decks
These new match options can be selected when creating a private match.

– Decks can be rearranged on the Decks screen

– You will be able to spectate Take Two private matches
Only matches set up by friends can be spectated.

– Your deck list can be shared via Twitter
To do this, select a deck to share and then tap Preview followed by Share at the upper right of the screen.

– Enhance ability activation indicated
Once you have enough play points to activate an Enhance ability, this will be indicated.
You can turn this feature off or on from Settings in the Battle Menu.

– Improvements to the battle log
Text will be added to the battle log.

– Randomization of cards played from your hand
Whenever a player plays a card from their hand, that card will be placed at a random location from the opponent’s perspective.

– Update to pool of cards available when building a deck in Take Two
Due to the addition of Tempest of the Gods, the chances of certain cards appearing during deck creation will be adjusted.

The cards that can appear will include all basic bronze cards of each class as well as the cards from Darkness Evolved, Rise of Bahamut, and Tempest of the Gods. Note that the bronze Havencraft card Manifestation of Faith won’t appear.

If you have a deck created before the March update, it may contain cards that will no longer be available.

– The temporary vial bonus for liquefying Piercing Rune, Fortunehunter Feena, or Goblin Mage will end. Piercing Rune and Fortunehunter Feena will yield 50 vials for a normal card and 120 vials for an animated card. Goblin Mage will yield 10 vials for a normal card and 30 vials for an animated card.

Shadowverse Team