Service Kickoff

Beginning on June 17, 2016, Shadowverse makes its debut as an original, brand-new collectible card game for your mobile devices. We hope you enjoy the latest offering from Cygames.

Shadowverse is currently available in the following regions on the App Store and Google Play:

United Kingdom
United States

There will be a new version available in August, and at around the same time the game will be available in more regions. The promotional card pack tickets for signing up early will be handed out then.

Various features will be added in the update:

Extended Main Story
New chapters will be added for each leader!

Take Two
Take Two is a new format that features impromptu deck building for use in a five match competition. Use tickets, crystals, or rupies to join in the action. The rewards you earn depend on how well you fare in the matches.

Mission Score Rewards
You get rewards based on your score during a specified period of time.

Card Sleeves
New card sleeve designs will be available for purchase. Card sleeves change the design of card backs which are reflected in matches and other parts of the game.

New Leaders
Each class gets a new leader available for purchase.

Rules and Card Revisions
The update may introduce changes to some card abilities. Appropriate actions will be taken in the event of changes to card abilities. Game rules are also subject to change.

Further announcements regarding changes to rules and card abilities will be made after the update.

Thank you for your support!

The Shadowverse Team