Arisa / Class: Forestcraft / Arisa is training as a guardian of the forest. She is inseparable from her friend Losaria until one day a menacing creature appears in their path.
Erika / Class: Swordcraft / Erika is the sword-wielding protector to the princess. She left the castle to investigate an infamous vampire's final resting place.
Isabelle / Class: Runecraft / Isabelle is an alchemical researcher. The tragic death of her beloved fiancé made her obsessed with the idea of resurrecting the dead.
Rowen / Class: Dragoncraft / Rowen is a former commander in the royal army. His life changed when a ferocious dragon attacked his squad. He is now trying to come to terms with the consequences.
Luna / Class: Shadowcraft / Luna is a troubled child who lives in a dark, distant mansion. She finally decides to venture out into the world, hoping to find new playmates.
Urias / Class: Bloodcraft / Urias, the last of the vampires, has been awakened after centuries. He yearns for another fight with his bitter rival, King Balthazar.
Eris / Class: Havencraft / Eris is a high priestess who works tirelessly to ease the suffering of humanity. She continues to serve despite having lost her memories when a familiar face appears.