New Arena Mode: Open 6

Following the maintenance on May 20 (PT), the new Open 6 mode will be added to the Arena.

In Open 6, you build a deck on the spot. Each deck is made up of 30-plus cards from packs that have just been opened.

You will only get cards from the class you've selected plus Neutral cards from each pack. The cards displayed on the class selection screen are guaranteed to be included in the phantom pack.

The more matches you win, the better the rewards will get. If you win 4 matches or more, you will be able to keep one of the phantom cards.

Phantom Cards

Phantom cards are cards that can only be used to play Open 6, and their card frames glow in blue on the deck list screen. Each phantom card pack contains 3 legendary cards and 5 gold cards from the 4 latest card sets.

Challenge Tickets

Challenge tickets can be used to enter both Take Two and Open 6. All of the Take Two tickets you have will be changed to Challenge tickets after the May 20 (PT) maintenance.

Open 6 can be entered using 4 Challenge tickets, 600 rupies, or 600 crystals.

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the game!

Shadowverse Team