(Update 2) Update on September 18 (PT)

(Update 2)
As of the 11:30 p.m., September 18 - 12:30 a.m., September 19 (PT) maintenance, if you select a Rotation (Prerelease) deck in the solo Practice mode, the computer opponent's cards will not reflect the changes listed in the "Changes to Cards in the September 25 Release" announcement.


We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period:

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., September 18 (PT).

This update includes the following:

- Verdant Conflict prerelease
Shadowverse's 14th card set will be made available ahead of the official September 25 (PT) release.
For more details on the prerelease, please see the "Verdant Conflict Card Pack Prerelease" announcement.
Details on the Verdant Conflict card set can found on our official website.

(Update 1)
- New leader cards
In addition to the 97 cards above, two leader cards, Liza, Queen of the Forest and Mono, Garnet Rebel will be included in Verdant Conflict. Get the card to get the respective leader, emblem, and card sleeves.

Notes About Leader Cards
- The Liza, Queen of the Forest leader card will be treated the same as the Liza, Queen of the Forest card from Omen of the Ten and the Mono, Garnet Rebel leader card will be treated the same as the Mono, Garnet Rebel card from Steel Rebellion.
- A normal and animated version of the above leader cards can be drawn from card packs. However, there is only one version of the leader, emblem, and card sleeves.
- You can only receive a leader, emblem, and card sleeves once.
- Leader cards can't be created.
- The normal version of a leader card can be animated using a seer's globe.

- New card pack points trade feature
Whenever you buy card packs, you'll receive card pack points. Card pack points can be traded for legendary or leader cards, which come with any items that are included when you obtain those cards for the first time. Note that card pack points can only be redeemed for cards and items within the card set you bought packs from.

- Adjustments to visual effects
We've tweaked some visual effects to improve the flow during matches.

- Edit Deck feature addition
In unranked and ranked matches, decks can be edited before and after matches without exiting to the Home screen. Go to Preview > Edit Deck to do so. If the deck is usable in its respective format, you can go straight into a match from the Edit Deck screen.

- New story chapters
Erika and Eris's chapters will be added to the Seeds of Conflict story.

- Bug fixes
The following issues will be patched:

Seraph Lapis, Glory Be's voice not playing back
Sun Oracle Pascale's voice not playing back
Incorrect voice playing back for Raven, Noontide Vampire & Raven, Midnight Vampire

(Update 1)
- Changes to cards in Rotation (Prerelease)
Changes will be made to the following cards in the Rotation (Prerelease) format after the prerelease of Verdant Conflict:

Shield of Flame's effect will be changed.
Council of Card Knights' cost will be changed.
Chromatic Duel's effect will be changed.
Shadow Reaper's cost will be changed.
Little Soulsquasher's defense will be changed.
Gremory's effect will be changed.

The above cards will not produce more vials when liquefied. For more details see the "Changes to Cards in the September 25 Release" announcement. Official changes to cards will take place on September 25.

After the September 18 update, if you select a Rotation (Prerelease) deck in the solo play Practice mode, the computer opponent's cards will reflect the above updates.

The game will be inaccessible during maintenance. If you are in a match when it starts, the match will end in a draw. If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode when maintenance begins, a match in progress will end in a loss and will not be reversed.

Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.

It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you're not able to update the game, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off and restarting the device after a couple of minutes and try again. Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance. Please back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.

Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team