Challenge Master Addition

Following the December 27 (PT) maintenance, we'll be adding a "Challenge Master" feature.

Challenge Master is a new achievement where players who accumulate a certain number of 5-win streaks in either Take Two or Open 6 over three seasons receive rewards.

Once 3 seasons have passed, the 5-win streak count resets to 0. Players can receive new rewards during each 3-season period.

Our very first Challenge Master period will kick off after the December 27 maintenance and end at 10:30 p.m., March 24 (PT).

5 5-win streaks:
3 upcoming card pack tickets

10 5-win streaks:
3 upcoming card pack tickets

15 5-win streaks:
1 Challenge Master flair
1 seer's globe

The special Challenge Master flair will change every 3 seasons. You can check how many 5-win streaks you have in Take Two and Open 6 from the Record button on the Challenge screen.

- Your 5-win streak count in Take Two or Open 6 will be recorded after you've collected the applicable reward.
- If you don't claim a 5-win streak reward in Open 6 and the Challenge Master period ends, the win streak will be recorded for the period during which it was achieved.
- Challenge Master rewards can be earned by earning 5-win streaks in either Take Two or Open 6.
- You can check the duration of each season by selecting the More button and then Rankings.

Shadowverse Team