Tournament Mode Feature

Starting from post-maintenance, March 25 (PT), we'll be launching the new Tournament Mode feature.

The Tournament Mode allows players to create and run their own tournaments. Use the in-game chat to help your tournament run smoothly. When time is up, the winner will be decided based on the number of matches won.

Players can access the Tournament Mode from the Arena screen.

Hosting a Tournament

When hosting a tournament, you are able to choose the following settings:
- Mode: Single match, Best of 3, or Best of 5
- Format: Rotation or Unlimited
- Player limit: 2 - 64
- Starting time: Between 5 minutes to 24 hours later
- Duration: 1 - 24 hours
- Spectator settings: Open to host only, Open to all players, or Closed
- Host participation
In the event that the host is participating in the tournament, the host must register their deck in advance. After setting the rules, the host can bring players in by either inviting them directly or sharing the tournament ID. The host of the tournament can cancel the tournament or remove players at any time.

Joining a Tournament

Using the tournament ID provided by the host or accepting an invite from the host will allow that player to participate in that tournament. After joining the tournament, players must register their deck. Players are able to leave the tournament at any time.

Tournament Mode Overview

Preparing for a tournament

Invite players before the tournament begins. After the tournament starts, you will not be able to join another tournament. Until the start of the tournament, no tournament matches can be played. However, participants can talk to each other using the in-game chat. Non-tournament related modes will still be playable.

During the tournament

After the tournament starts, matches will be conducted using private match rooms. There is no limit to the amount of matches that can be played.

Tournament rankings will be decided based on the number of matches won. You can view the rankings while tournament is still ongoing by going to the Results screen. After choosing a deck in a Best of 3 or Best of 5 tournament, leaving a room or ending a match will be counted as your loss.

Auto Matchup
Using the Auto Matchup located in the chat page will result in the following:
- Entering any open room if there is one available
- Creating a room if none are available

This feature will assist you in running tournaments smoothly, so check it out!


- The winner of the tournament will be announced.
- Decks and replays from the tournament will be shareable.
- You will be able to leave or disband the tournament at any time.

- You can only host or join one tournament at a time.
- A tournament will be automatically become inaccessible 24 hours after the set finish time.
- Tournaments that coincide with any maintenance will be automatically canceled.
- Tournament matches will not count towards your missions or achievements.

Shadowverse Team