Prohibition on Intentionally Playing a Large Number of Cards in Order to Cause Network Errors

We are currently looking into cases where players are intentionally abusing the card queueing system, playing large numbers of cards and interactions in order to cause a network error and a forced concession from their opponent.

The cause of this network error will be fixed in the next update.
We apologize that a fix cannot be made sooner, and we appreciate your understanding and patience until it can be implemented.

Players are prohibited from intentionally abusing this issue in order to affect the outcome of a match.
In accordance with the prohibitions detailed in Article 11 of our Terms of Service, players found to be intentionally using this issue to disrupt normal gameplay may incur unannounced penalties, including account suspensions or bans.
Furthermore, if a tournament participant is found to be intentionally using this issue to interfere with the results of a tournament match, that player will be punished in accordance with the tournament rules and regulations.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Shadowverse Team