The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Tie-in

Following the November 24 (PT) maintenance we will be kicking off the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya tie-in!

Special Bonus

Play the game for 10 days from 12:00 noon, November 25 to 12:00 noon, December 19 (PT) to get the rewards below.

Day 1: Haruhi Suzumiya emblem
Day 2: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 3: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 4: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 5: Haruhi Suzumiya sleeves
Day 6: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 7: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 8: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 9: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket
Day 10: 1 Verdant Conflict card pack ticket

- Players who have cleared the tutorial and accessed the Home screen during the above stated period are eligible to receive these rewards.
- Play during the period stated above to receive these rewards in addition to the normal daily bonus.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PDT)/12:00 noon (PST).

New Leaders

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya leaders will be available for purchase in the Shop from post-maintenance, November 24 to 7:00 a.m., December 19 (PT).

Each leader set can be purchased separately, or you can purchase the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya leader pack, which includes all the leaders with their respective emblems, flairs, and sleeves! The leader pack also comes with exclusive sleeves!

- Each leader set is available for 500 crystals.
- Each set includes the leader, emblem, flair, and sleeves.
- Once purchased, players can use all tie-in items even after the event ends.
- Sales of these leaders will end once the abovementioned period ends.

Victory Rewards

When participating in Unlimited and Rotation format ranked matches between 6:00 p.m., November 25 and 12:00 noon, December 5 (PT) there's a chance that a treasure chest will appear at the start of the match.

By winning this match you may receive one of the following:
- Rupies
- Card pack tickets
- Gold rarity or higher cards from the five most recent card sets
(cards that come with leaders will not appear)
- Alternate art Artifact Call (animated)
- Alternate art Elegance in Action (animated)
- Alternate art Magic Missile (animated)

- The appearance rate of treasure chests is fixed and you can claim up to 5 per day.
- Once you obtain special emblems or sleeves, they will no longer be available as victory rewards.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PDT)/12:00 noon (PST).
- Only 1 out of 5 treasure chests available per day will be a golden treasure chest.
- If you lose a match in which a treasure chest appears, the same treasure chest will appear again at the start of the next match.
- A treasure chest may appear even if you lose the previous match. A treasure chest will not appear if you quit after starting a match.
- If a treasure chest appears and is unclaimed before the day resets, up to 6 treasure chests may appear the next day. If the unclaimed chest is a gold chest, up to 2 gold chests may appear in that day.
November 26: You claimed 4 treasure chests and the 5th that appeared was a gold chest.
The day resets at 12:00 noon (PT) on November 27.
November 27: Up until the day resets again on November 28, you have a chance of claiming both:
a) the gold chest that appeared on November 26
b) up to 5 chests (including one gold chest) for November 27.
- Treasure chests are only available during the event period.
- This event is subject to change without notice.

What is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?

"I have no interest in ordinary humans. If there are any aliens, time travelers, sliders, or espers here, come join me. That is all."

Cutting right to the chase—that's how Haruhi Suzumiya decided to introduce herself. Deciding to do something about the monotony of everyday life, she establishes the "Save the World by Overloading it with Fun Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade", or SOS Brigade for short. Kyon would be the first member to (reluctantly) join, followed by the silent and reserved Yuki Nagato, the exceptionally cute Mikuru Asahina, and the mysterious transfer student Itsuki Koizumi. And is it just his imagination, or do the other three know something about Haruhi that he doesn't? Haruhi herself acts as if she's at the center of the universe, and she very well may be. The members of the SOS Brigade have no choice but to get involved in her shenanigans in this not-so-ordinary story about the extraordinary.

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