Quest Mode Event

From 6:00 p.m., January 6 to 12:00 noon, January 16 (PT) the limited-time Quest mode event will be available in Shadowverse!

Win matches against computer opponents and clear Quest Missions to earn points. The tougher the opponents, the more points you score. Collect points to earn special rewards.

Quest mode will also feature an especially tough opponent that's worth more points than other opponents. After you've won once against the opponent, this quest will become unavailable until the next day.

Access Quest mode from the Solo button.

- Each Quest mission can only be cleared once during a Quest mode event.
- Limited daily battles will not be carried over into the next day.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PDT)/12:00 noon (PST).
- If a limited daily battle is started before the day resets then concluded after the reset, that battle will be counted for the previous day.
- Unclaimed rewards will be sent to your crate.
- If rewards from a limited daily battle are not automatically claimed, check if they have been sent to your crate.

Quest Mission Points

Play matches against Kokkoro, Pecorine, Karyl, and Omniscient Kaiser! Winning against each opponent yields a certain number of points.

Kokkoro: 150 points
Pecorine: 300 points
Karyl: 300 points
Omniscient Kaiser: 1000 points

Please note that you can only win against Omniscient Kaiser once a day. With the exception of Omniscient Kaiser, you will receive a certain number of points from each match, even if you lose. However, you will not receive any points if you forfeit a match.


By collecting points, you can earn the following rewards:

- Kokkoro, Faithful Guide sleeves
- Pecorine, Peckish Princess sleeves
- Karyl, Catty Sorceress sleeves
- Princess Knight flair
- Nature's Guidance animated special art card
- Ivory Sword Dance animated special art card
- Fate's Hand animated special art card
- Rupies
- Ultimate Colosseum card pack ticket
- Legendary Card Pack ticket
- Seer's globe

If you already have the special animated art cards from the previous Princess Connect! Re: Dive event, you will receive 50 rupies instead.

Shadowverse Team