6th Anniversary Leaders

Select characters that have previously appeared in the main story will be coming to the Shop as purchasable leaders to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Shadowverse!


Starting from 8:00 p.m., June 16 (PT)

Purchasable Leaders

- Bunny
- Maiser
- Drache
- Kagero
- Aluzard
- Selena
- Illganeau

- Each leader will be available in the Shop for 500 crystals.
- Each leader comes with a matching emblem, flair, and sleeves.

6th Anniversary Leader Pack

Leaders can also be purchased together via the 6th Anniversary Leader Pack, priced at 400 crystals per leader.
The Leader Pack also comes with the exclusive sleeves, "Bunny, Baron, & Aluzard, Triggers of Hope"!

- The leaders will remain available in the Shop even after the 6th Anniversary event period has concluded.
- Sales of leaders may be discontinued without prior notice.

Shadowverse Team