Tune in to NGE for an Exclusive Preview of the Next Expansion!

Tune in to the NGE Shadowverse Open Mid-Season Special this weekend for an exclusive look at the very first cards from the next Shadowverse card expansion!

While the invitational rounds of our North American and European esports leagues take a break for the weekend, the NGE Mid-Season Special will feature a look forward to our next card expansion. It will also include special demo matches, top player interviews, and tactical tips and deck drafting hints from NGE’s studio experts. The broadcast will have a live video feed from the Shadowverse-sponsored Twitch booth at PAX West, where eXodium will be sharing all of the latest news from the showfloor, and there will be some very exciting news regarding the future of global Shadowverse esports. Presenter Rainy will cast his eyes over the season so far and provide his predictions for the matches still to play, with expert assistance provided by NGE’s able analysts Aya Senpai and Envybaer. Finally, if you are lucky, you might even be able to spot a rowdy root vegetable…

The two-part NGE Shadowverse Open Mid-Season Special will be broadcast at 10:00 a.m., Saturday Sep 2, and Sunday Sep 3 (PT). It will be shown live on twitch.tv/nge from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California, and on location at PAX West, with videos on demand being made available on YouTube after the shows are broadcast.

The NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2 round robin tournaments will resume the following week, at 10:00 a.m., Saturday Sep 9 (PT), where the best players from America and Europe will continue to compete for prize pools of $16,000 per tournament.

Be sure to check out the official NGE Shadowverse Open website for tournament information including pro player interviews, deck lists and more!

Shadowverse Team