Play Shadowverse, win $1,000,000

If you watched the Shadowverse Open Mid Season Special you will have seen that we unveiled our 2018 esports calendar, revealing how YOU can win a million dollars by playing Shadowverse!

Here are the highlights:

-The Shadowverse Open will continue, allowing entrants from more countries than ever before.
Our online tournaments will now cover South America and a wider spread of Europe, extending Shadowverse’s esports reach to over 120 countries.

-Announcing the World Circuit!
The World Circuit is a series of three offline tournaments, including a collaboration with the world’s most awesome esports festival, DreamHack. Anyone can take part to compete for a prize pool of $10,000, and local entrants can even qualify for the World Grand Prix. The three events are DreamHack Tours (France, May 19-21), The South East Asia & Oceania Open (exact date and location TBD), and DreamHack Montreal (Canada, September 7-9).

-Qualify for this year’s World Grand Prix – first prize A MILLION DOLLARS.
The qualifiers for this year’s World Grand Prix will be determined by three Contenders Cups - one for the Americas, one for Europe, and one for South-East Asia and Oceania.

The following players will qualify for the Contenders Cups:
-The winners of each of the World Circuit tournaments
-The winners of the Spring and Summer Pan-American or European Shadowverse Open online tournaments
-The players with the most 2018 league points (league points can be earned across all competitions)
-Finally, there will be spots for the winners of dedicated wild card tournaments that will take place in September

It’s never been a better time for competitive Shadowverse.

Check out for more information, or watch the dedicated infographic video here.

Shadowverse Team