Changes to Cards in the June 26 Release

Greetings, duelists! In the June 26 (PT) release, we will be making a change to one card. This is an explanation of what we're changing and why.

What's Changing

1. Dark Dragoon Forte will be restricted to one card per deck in the Unlimited format.

For a limited time after the update, Dark Dragoon Forte will produce more vials when liquefied. For details about the exclusive animated version of Dark Dragoon Forte please see the "Recompense for Exclusive Animated Cards" section of this announcement.

The Current Game Environment

According to the data we gathered in early June from high-ranking matches in the Unlimited format, the Aggro Dragoncraft archetype (a deck that aggressively utilizes many low-cost followers) currently possesses the highest win and usage rates, at 59.1% and 11.3%, respectively. Looking at other top-ranking archetypes, we found that no deck archetype in particular holds an overwhelming win or usage rate.

Also according to the same high-ranking Unlimited match data, the average win rate for all deck archetypes going first is 53.2% (compared to 53.5% in mid-May).

Because the Aggro Dragoncraft deck archetype currently enjoys notably high win and usage rates, especially when going first, a card central to these decks was targeted for adjustment. Of the cards that contributed to Aggro Dragoncraft's win rate, we found that Dark Dragoon Forte's contribution rate was especially high. We've therefore decided to place a one-card restriction on this card in the Unlimited format.

In the Rotation format, our high-ranking match data gathered in early June showed no deck archetype in particular holding an overwhelming win or usage rate. We've therefore decided not to make any card adjustments in the Rotation format at this time. The average win rate for all deck archetypes going first in Rotation is 52.2% (compared to 51.8% in mid-May).


1. Dark Dragoon Forte will be restricted to one card per deck in the Unlimited format.

Temporary Vial Bonus

Dark Dragon Forte will produce 3500 vials.

The card above will produce more vials when liquefied from the June 26 update until the major update scheduled for July 29 (PT).

Future Changes to Cards

We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. In order to maintain a great game environment, we change card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards when their strength is decreased. This includes both of our constructed formats, Rotation and Unlimited. In addition to the card changes we've made in the past and card changes targeted at Rotation, we will designate cards to have a one-card restriction or card bans for Unlimited.

Any future changes to card costs and effects will be announced in advance, and then changes will generally be made the next day. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still make an announcement. If emergency changes are deemed necessary, we may make changes, specify restrictions, or specify banned cards before the scheduled update.

Recompense for Exclusive Animated Cards

Because the exclusive animated version of Dark Dragon Forte from the "Dark Wyrmdriver" prebuilt deck can't be liquefied, we'll be sending players with two copies of the card 3500 vials and players with three copies of the card 7000 vials. Players with one copy of Dark Dragon Forte will not receive recompense.

Players who have two or more copies of Dark Dragoon Forte after the July 26 release will not be eligible for recompense. We also won't be providing recompense on exclusive animated cards in the future in the case of cost or effect changes, one-card restrictions, or bans.

That's all for now! We'll see you in the next round!

Shadowverse Team