BO3 and BO5 Coming to Private Take Two Matches

Best of 3 and Best of 5 formats will be available in private Take Two matches after the November 24 (PT) update.

Select the Take Two mode when creating a private match, then choose the format you want to play from the "Mode" section.

What are BO3 and BO5?

In Best of 3 and Best of 5, the first to win 2 and 3 matches respectively is the winner. Decks are created before each match. If you win a match with one class, you can't use that class for the remaining matches. Please note that you can't select your own decks if you've chosen the option to create your opponent's deck.

You can also look at the decks that were used after a match.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Shadowverse Team