Changes to Cards in the December 12 Release

Hello, Shadowverse community! Although these card changes weren't previously announced, due to the schedule of upcoming events and tournaments, we've decided to proceed with card changes on December 12 (PT). Also in previous announcements, we've disclosed win and usage rates for specific deck archetypes but will not be doing so this time, as we're concerned that these particulars could serve as advice on how to win matches.

We will be changing 1 card in this release. This is an explanation of what we're changing and why.

What's Changing?

1. Agnes, Hollow Feather's attack and defense will be decreased.

For a limited time after the update, Agnes, Hollow Feather will produce more vials when liquefied.

The Current Game Environment


After going over high-ranking match data from early December, we found that Natura Havencraft decks (decks that are centered on Agnes, Hollow Feather and other Natura cards) had the highest win and usage rates. As other top deck archetypes weren't deemed to have overwhelmingly high win or usage rates, we've decided to adjust a card central to the Natura Havencraft archetype, Agnes, Hollow Feather.


1. Agnes, Hollow Feather's attack will be decreased from 4 (evolved: 6) to 3 (evolved: 5). Its defense will also be decreased from 5 (evolved: 7) to 4 (evolved: 6).

Temporary Vial Bonus

Agnes, Hollow Feather will produce 800 vials.
This card will produce more vials when liquefied from the December 12 update until the update scheduled on December 27 (PT).

Take Two and Open 6 Runs

These changes will also be applied to all Take Two and Open 6 decks after maintenance, even decks that are being used in the middle of a five-match run.

Future Changes to Cards

We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. In order to maintain a great game environment, we change card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards when their strength is decreased. This includes both of our constructed formats, Rotation and Unlimited. In addition to the card changes we've made in the past and card changes targeted at Rotation, we will designate cards to have a one-card restriction or card bans for Unlimited.

Any future changes to card costs and effects will be announced in advance, and then changes will generally be made the next day. The next card adjustments are scheduled for December 27 (PT).

Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still make an announcement. If emergency changes are deemed necessary, we may make changes, specify restrictions, or specify banned cards before the scheduled update.

That's all for this round. See you next update!

Shadowverse Team