Prebuilt Decks: Set 7 Coming Soon

The 7th set of prebuilt decks will be available in the Shop after the January 26 (PT) maintenance.

These prebuilt decks contain cards from Steel Rebellion, Rebirth of Glory, Verdant Conflict, and Ultimate Colosseum. They each come with a total of 32 fan-favorite cards, 5 of which are legendary. These sets are perfect for players who are just starting out: combined with 8 basic cards, they make a full deck and will immediately get you ready for battle! Check the Shop for more details about what's in each prebuilt deck.

Each prebuilt deck comes with a 6-digit deck code, which can be found by clicking on the graphic of a deck in the Shop. By entering the deck code, you can create a copy of a prebuilt deck. Deck codes don't need to be purchased. Once you enter a deck code, you'll be taken to the Edit Decks screen, where you'll have the opportunity to create copies of cards that are missing from the prebuilt deck.

Each prebuilt deck comes with exclusive sleeves.

Pure Devotion (Forestcraft)
Sleeve: Kokkoro, Faithful Guide

Gallant Gourmand (Swordcraft)
Sleeve: Pecorine, Peckish Princess

Let's Get Catty (Runecraft)
Sleeve: Karyl, Catty Sorceress

Ready, Set, Brawl! (Dragoncraft)
Sleeve: Kaya, Draconine Brawler

Messages from Beyond (Shadowcraft)
Sleeve: Shinobu, Mausoleum Medium

Midnight Mistress (Bloodcraft)
Sleeve: Illya, Queen of Night

Highborn Lady (Havencraft)
Sleeve: Saren, Orphanage Matron

All-seeing Tyrant (Portalcraft)
Sleeve: Omniscient Kaiser

Each prebuilt deck you buy also comes with a purchase bonus.

1 set: Travelers' Respite (special art) x3
2 sets: Desert Pathfinder (special art) x3
3 sets: Teena emblem, Lucius emblem, Goblin Mage emblem, Feena emblem, and Travelers' Respite card sleeves
4 sets: Desert Pathfinder emblem and card sleeves
5 sets: Travelers' Respite (animated special art) x3
6 sets: Desert Pathfinder (animated special art) x3
7 sets: 1 seer's globe
8 sets: 1 seer's globe
*When checking the bonuses in-game, not all purchase bonuses for buying 3 sets will not be shown. However, you will still receive all of the bonuses listed above for buying 3 sets at the actual time of purchase.

For more information on the latest set of prebuilt decks, visit the special site:

Shadowverse Team