Season 43 Master Score Ranking Rewards Announcement Issue

As of Season 43, a new condition was added that requires players to have a Master Score of 10001 or more in order to be eligible for rewards. However, this information was mistranslated in the English announcement and missing from the Italian and Spanish announcements. As recompense, we're giving out 2 Ultimate Colosseum card pack tickets to all players during the period below.

March 4 - 8:00 a.m., March 10 (PT)

- The tickets will be sent to your crate on the Home screen.
- You will not receive the tickets if you did not play during the giveaway period.
- Once the tickets appear in your crate, you have 14 days to pick them up, so be sure to claim them in time.

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for bearing with us.

Shadowverse Team