World Uprooted Card Set Prerelease

Starting post-maintenance, March 25 (PT), we will be kicking off the prerelease of the World Uprooted card set. Go to the Shop before 10:30 p.m., March 29 (PT) to gain early access to the newest card set!

During prerelease, in addition to being able to purchase card packs ahead of the official release, you'll be able to trade for World Uprooted temporary cards and the Rotation (Prerelease) match format will be added.

Exclusive purchase bonuses will be available depending on the number of card packs purchased. This time, you can purchase over 100 card packs during prerelease.

Purchase Bonuses
10 packs: Daria, Infinity Witch (evolved) emblem
20 packs: Daria, Infinity Witch (evolved) sleeves
30 packs: 2 World Uprooted card pack tickets
40 packs: 2 World Uprooted card pack tickets
50 packs: Daria, Infinity Witch (evolved) animated sleeves
60 packs: 2 World Uprooted card pack tickets
70 packs: 3 seer's globe shards
80 packs: 2 World Uprooted card pack tickets
90 packs: 1 Legendary Card Pack ticket
100 packs: 1 seer's globe

Temporary Cards

Up to 2 legendary cards from World Uprooted can be obtained through the temporary card trade during prerelease. Temporary cards created during this period can be used after the official release and will count toward your total number of trades.

Rotation (Prerelease)

The Rotation (Prerelease) format will be available from post-maintenance, March 25 (PT). Rotation (Prerelease) decks can only be used in Practice matches, Private matches, Unranked matches, and as a Player Tournament format.

Rotation (Prerelease) decks can be made from the Edit Decks screen. Only basic cards and cards from the Steel Rebellion to World Uprooted card sets can be used in this format.

- The prerelease period is subject to change without prior notice.
- World Uprooted card packs can only be purchased with crystals during the prerelease.
- Leaders, emblems, or other supplies obtained during the prerelease period can be used right away.
- Cards obtained during prerelease can't be created or liquefied until the official release.
- Card pack points can be earned on prerelease card pack purchases. The total point count can be viewed on the card pack purchase screen.
- Card pack points can be exchanged for leader cards or legendary cards.
- Rotation (Prerelease) decks can't be created or edited after prerelease ends. However, they can be viewed or copied for a limited time.
- Rotation (Prerelease) decks will be deleted before the next prerelease begins. You can save the deck by copying it for another format or sharing it within your guild.

Shadowverse Team