(Update) Update on March 25 (PT)

All Take Two runs that began before 9:30 p.m. December 27 (PT) have been automatically ended.
Unclaimed rewards based on your number of wins will be sent to your crate.


We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period:

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., March 25 (PT)

This update includes the following:

- World Uprooted prerelease
Shadowverse's 16th card set will be made available ahead of the official March 29 (PT) release. Details on the World Uprooted card set can be found on our official website. Details on the prerelease can also be found on our official site.

- (Update) New leader cards
In addition to the 97 cards above, two leader cards will be included in World Uprooted. Get the card to get the respective leader, emblem, and card sleeves. The first leader is Galmieux, Omen of Disdain. The second leader is Dionne, Dancing Blade.

Notes About Leader Cards
- The Galmieux, Omen of Disdain leader card will be treated the same as the standard Galmieux, Omen of Disdain card from Omen of the Ten, and the Dionne, Dancing Blade leader card will be treated the same as the standard Dionne, Dancing Blade card from Altersphere.
- A normal and animated version of the leader card can be drawn from card packs. However, there is only one version of the leader, emblem, and card sleeves.
- You can only receive a leader, emblem, and card sleeves once.
- Leader cards can't be created.
- The normal version of a leader card can be animated using a seer's globe.

- Changes to battle display
We've made some active effects and the information from Havencraft's "Countdown" button more understandable. Cards summoned by an amulet's Last Words will also now be displayed.

- Changes to battle UI
When selecting a card in your hand through another card's effect, tapping the area around a targetable card will no longer cancel the action.

- Changes to cards
The wordings for some cards will be revised to be more understandable, but there will be no difference to how the cards actually work.

- New background themes in multiplayer
Background themes from the Seeds of Conflict chapters will be added to multiplayer.

- New story chapters
Invasion of the Worldreaver, Chapters 6 - 8 will be added.

- Tournament creation feature
You will be able to host your own in-game tournaments. For more details, please refer to the official website.

- User Data button
On the More screen, a User Data button will be added.

- Bug fixes
The following issue will be resolved:
"Temporary cards being selectable for liquefying"

The game will be inaccessible during maintenance. If you are in a match when it starts, the match will end in a draw. If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode when maintenance begins, a match in progress will end in a loss and will not be reversed.

Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.

It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you're not able to update the game, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off and restarting the device after a couple of minutes and try again. Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance. Please back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.

Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team