Invasion of the Worldreaver Chapters 9 - 14 to be Added

Invasion of the Worldreaver chapters 9 - 14 will be added to the main story as part of the May 20 (PT) update.

The otherworlders who were whisked away to Aiolon arrive in Naterra, ready to help Arisa fend off the reconstructed Furies. But Belphomet, determined to keep the upper hand, seizes Viridia Magna's power and enters the fray himself—marking the final phase of the battle for Naterra's future!

"Honestly, just goes to show how oblivious this world is!
The land, the sky, even your tiny widdle lives—all useless!
Just disgusting and infuriating wastes of material!"

We hope you enjoy the thrilling culmination of events!

Shadowverse Team