(Important) Facebook Account Link Services Will Be Temporarily Unavailable on iOS

After the maintenance scheduled for August 19 (PT), Facebook account link services in the iOS version of the game will be unavailable until further notice.

Players on the iOS version of the game will not be able to access features of Facebook account link, and therefore, players on iOS with only an account link to Facebook will not be able to transfer data between devices.

We highly recommend that players on iOS backup their data by creating account links other than Facebook prior to the maintenance on August 19 (PT).

Linking with a Game Center Account
1. Start up Shadowverse, press the More button, and then select Account Link
2. Press Link an Account
3. Select Link with Game Center
4. Select Link an Account
5. Press Link
6. Please confirm that there are no mistakes and then press Link.

- If you try to link to a Game Center account that is already linked, the account link will be overwritten. Please be sure to confirm before linking accounts.
- Game Center account links are only available on iOS.

Linking with ID and Password
1. Start up Shadowverse, press the More button, and then select Device Link
2. Press Link
3. Select Create Device Link Password
4. Select Create Password
5. Enter a password of your choice, check the Agree to Privacy Policy box, and then press Create Password

- Please keep track of your User ID and the password you created.
- You will not be able to recover your game data if you lose or enter the wrong password for your account.

Notes Regarding Device Link
- You will not lose Crystals you purchased when transferring data between devices on the same platform.
- Features of Device Link may be changed without prior notice.

Shadowverse Team