Granblue Fantasy Tie-in Emblems and Sleeves Revival

From post-maintenance December 23 (PT), the previous Granblue Fantasy tie-in emblems and sleeves shall return!

The following emblems and sleeves will be available for free in the Shop:
- Granblue Yuel
- Granblue Albert
- Granblue Magisa
- Granblue Forte
- Granblue Cerberus
- Granblue Vania
- Granblue Jeanne d'Arc
- Granblue Olivia
- Granblue Bahamut
- Granblue Orchis

You can get these from the Buy Sleeves section under the Supplies page of the Shop!

- This is not a limited-time event, but please be aware that it may end without prior notice.
- The above-mentioned emblems and sleeves will be added to the currently available Granblue Fantasy section in the shop.
- You are unable to purchase just the emblems.

Shadowverse Team