New Story! Entropy's Abyss: Sekka and English Voice Update for Fate's Trigger

Hey, all you eager story readers!

The new story, Entropy's Abyss, will be released after the February 17 (PT) update! Starting off with Sekka, this little fox girl is our newest addition to the Forestcraft leader roster! Be sure to check out her story to see what awaits in the world of darkness!

Vellsar, a land of perpetual night
bloodstained by unending conflicts over its throne.
The one who indulges in despair,
the one furious with resentment,
the one hesitating indecisively,
the one in pursuit of a mother's warmth.
Should these souls bare their fangs and rise up against fate,
perhaps a candle may light in this world of darkness.

In addition to the release of Entropy's Abyss, the delayed English voices for the chapters of Selena, Illganeau, and the Conclusion in Fate's Trigger will be added. Entropy's Abyss will release with English and Japanese voices simultaneously.

Take this opportunity to refresh yourself on the story or catch up if you haven't played them yet!

Shadowverse Team