One Legendary Guaranteed! Eternal Awakening Card Pack Bundles

Eternal Awakening 10 card pack bundles are available in the Shop for 1000 crystals each from post-maintenance, February 18 - 7:00 a.m., March 2 (PT). The tenth pack has a guaranteed leader card or legendary additional card. You will receive 20 Eternal Awakening card pack points as well as exclusive purchase bonuses depending on the number of bundles purchased.

Purchase Bonuses
1 bundle: Young Cat sleeves
2 bundles: Young Cat emblem
3 bundles: Young Cat animated sleeves

Eternal Awakening 10 card pack bundles can be purchased from Shop > Buy Cards > Buy Packs. They can be purchased up to 3 times per account. Draw rates can be checked from the card pack purchase screen. Players who purchased Eternal Awakening 10 card pack bundles during the last offer period can also purchase this bundle.

Shadowverse Team