Darkness Over Vellsar Add-on Pack

The Darkness Over Vellsar Add-on Pack will be available in the Shop from the v3.3.20 update until the official release of the next card set!
The new additional cards and new leader card; Ralmia, Sonic Racer; will have increased draw rates in this Add-on Pack for Darkness Over Vellsar!

- Darkness Over Vellsar Add-on Packs can be purchased from Shop > Buy Cards > Buy Packs.
- The daily deal card pack resets at 12 noon (PST) / 1 p.m. (PDT) and can be purchased for 50 crystals.
- Darkness Over Vellsar card pack points will be earned on each purchase.
- The abovementioned period is subject to change without prior notice.
- Draw rates can be checked from the card pack purchase screen.

Shadowverse Team